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Important Amenities for a Comfortable Aging Journey


If your senior loved one is starting to look for the right aging facility that would make them feel at home, Viewhaven Homes, a reliable and recommended Assisted Living in Seattle, Washington, is the place for them. We offer one of the best possible living amenities that are necessary for every senior resident.

You might be thinking about what amenities should an Adult Family Home need to determine that your senior family member will love staying in this place? The first thing we want is to ensure that our loved ones get to maintain their privacy. Our facility provides seniors with private and clean rooms. We also made sure that our homes are designed to make residents feel at home.

Seniors in our Resident Care in Washington can have access to the internet, phones, and even cable access so they can continue watching their favorite shows. They can spend their time in a beautifully landscaped garden while enjoying their favorite beverage. They can join daily programs and activities we have and can interact with other residents as well.

Every corner in our homes is well-maintained and clean— thanks to our team which provides quality Homemaking Services. A clean environment is very essential for seniors especially to those who have health and mobility issues.

Choose a senior facility for your loved ones which provides them a lot of great amenities to enjoy. Our Caregiver Services are made accessible to everyone who needs it. If you want to discuss more our care, please give our lines a call.

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