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Personal Care Services That You Can Trust

Personal Care Services That You Can Trust

One of the biggest fears families have when sending their loved ones to adult family homes is that there is no way for them to know whether their loved ones are receiving proper care or not. Therefore, at Viewhaven Homes, we prioritize communicating well with the patients and their families.

As one of the top providers of assisted living in Seattle, Washington, we develop and implement personalized plans of care for each patient. This includes planning our patient’s daily meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks in between. We also organize and implement individual medication management plans for every patient.

We always have professional staff present to supply basic homemaking services like cleaning, cooking, and laundering, so patients can focus on relaxing and enjoying their golden years. Caregiver services are also arranged for patients who need closer and even 24/7 monitoring. Moreover, our home is always supervised by a registered nurse.

In our mission to provide quality resident care in Washington, we keep open lines of communication with our patients’ families. We regularly give updates on the health conditions of their loved ones, as well as news about what they have been up to in recent days. This way, they can rest assured that their loved ones are safe and sound.

If you want your loved one to receive the best personal care, call us today at 206-679-9082.

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