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Telltale Signs It’s Time to Discuss Assisted Living

telltale-signs-it’s-time-to-discuss-assisted-livingWhen an elderly parent is living alone, it is normal to feel concerned for their safety. However, trying to decide whether or not it is the appropriate time to transition your parent to assisted living in Seattle, Washington can be confusing and stressful. Hence, we will share the signs to look out for that indicate a need for assisted living:

  • Changes in Hygiene
    If you have noticed your parent’s personal hygiene declining, this is a cause for concern. Signs include an unpleasant body odor, greasy, unkempt hair, or dirty fingernails. Other signs to look out for include disorganized and dirty surroundings. This indicates a need for homemaking services.
  • Declining Health
    A chronic health condition that has your loved one’s health deteriorating is another red flag. As the condition worsens, your loved one may require more assistance and support that adult family homes can provide. This will ensure their needs are met daily and help them feel more comfortable.
  • Social Isolation
    Like self-neglect, isolation is another sign. This can be caused by mobility issues, the loss of a spouse, or loved ones moving away. Isolation is associated with cognitive decline and health conditions like heart disease.

Viewhaven Homes provides a peaceful and quiet environment for our residents. At our assisted living facility, residents enjoy the seasonal views, high-quality amenities, and exceptional resident care in Washington. Reach out to us to discuss your aging parent or loved one’s needs.

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