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Making a Place Conducive for Living on Cold Weathers

Seniors are susceptible to many illness-causing factors. And one of these factors is the cold weather that can cause hypothermia – which increases the risk of conditions that low body temperature brings about.

As much as possible, we want our seniors at Viewhaven Homes to feel comfortable at all times. We aim for their safety and comfortability, and extreme weather can compromise these two. So how can we make Adult Family Homes conducive for dwelling?

To keep the elderly under Resident Care in Washington warm at all times during winter, storms, blizzards, and other natural calamities, we can do the following measures:

Ensure that the room is clean and sanitized as part of your routine Homemaking Services. Make their bed cozy with clean and thick linens and comforters. Tuck the seniors in crisp blankets when sleeping at night.

Regulate the temperature. Make sure that your air conditioning system runs smoothly, especially the heater.

Prepare a warm bath. Seniors still need to clean themselves for proper hygiene. A quick dip in a tub of warm water or a quick hot shower can freshen them up.

Offer a cup of warm tea or water. Aside from providing warmth, the elderly also need this to keep hydrated.

These and more are ways to provide comfortable Assisted Living in Seattle, Washington. They will also need your care, compassion, and dedication to remain happy and healthy seniors any time of the year.

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