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When Is it Time for Home Care for Your Elderly Loved Ones?


For a variety of reasons, older adults frequently require home care and homemaking services. However, independence is a sensitive and, at times, a non-negotiable topic for them, deciding to begin home care or any other type of care difficult. For many elderly people, the thought of asking for assistance causes a great deal of anxiety.

To avoid misunderstandings and arguments with your elderly loved ones, keep an eye out for these signs that indicate an urgent need for caregiver services.

  • Frequent falls or compromised balance
  • Confusing daytime and nighttime
  • Recent hospitalization or recovery from a surgery
  • Difficulty eating and drinking without assistance
  • Wandering from home; getting lost
  • Neglect in personal hygiene
  • Minor health issues
  • Dwindling social life

Keeping up with housework and general housekeeping tasks can become difficult as we age. If you notice strange odors, a lot of clutter, dirty laundry piling up, general dirt, or an inability to keep up with basic housekeeping, it could be an indication that your loved one requires assisted living in Seattle, Washington.

Viewhaven Homes makes sure your senior loved ones have the resources they need to stay independent and healthy. You can rely on our adult family homes to provide high-quality compassionate resident care in Washington. Give us a call today!

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