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Medication Management: Why Seniors Need to Take Medicines as Prescribed


Some people do not adhere to their prescriptions. The factors that affect their ways include forgetfulness, lack of budget, distrust, and disbelief in treatment outcomes. Others like to take medications according to their liking. And if they continue doing this, there is a high chance of not getting better.

Sadly, many of these people are seniors. Without proper management from a home care aide or Resident Care in Washington, they tend to have these errors:

  • Taking two different medicines with the same active ingredient may put them at risk of overdosage.
  • Skipping or stopping treatment, making them ineffective. The elderly may have to repeat if these require long-term usage.
  • Taking the wrong pill, expired medicines, or borrowing prescriptions, leading to poisoning, allergic reactions, or worse, fatal outcomes.

Going under Assisted Living in Seattle, Washington can help you maintain your medication intake and also help with other tasks. Viewhaven Homes can shelter you, cook hearty meals for you, and monitor you regularly by our nurses. Plus, keep you physically and mentally active with activities you and your fellow seniors will enjoy.

If you choose to stay with us, our AFH Staff will guarantee your comfort and convenience, 24 hours a day.

You can trust our Homemaking Services. Call 206-679-9082 or visit us at 3819 NE 87th Street, Seattle, Washington 98115 to know more about our personalized residential services.

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